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Creating a virtual host Ubuntu

Let’s create a virtual host in Ubuntu machine. What do you need ?? A Ubuntu Machine Need install xampp on your Machine Now open your terminal and start your xampp below command

Hope your local server is working. Now you can stop your server

Now You need to run below command in your terminal

Your httpd.conf file open Ubuntu text editor , Now you need to find this line. It.. Read More

Match URL and add a new class in URL or Parents DIV

Okay, I am going to show you How cloud we do it ?? Let’s start Firstly you need to add a jQuery in your HTML file or according to your working file. Click here  You can add the jQuery file in before your body tag end. Sample HTML

Now add this code

Above the jQuery code only add the active class in your URL . But if you need to add.. Read More

Enable God mode of Windows OS

Enable God mode of Windows OS:
1. Create a new folder in your desktop
2. rename the folder by this code name ” GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} “
3. You will see the God mode is active 🙂
It is has too many features . You will get all of settings here.